Thursday, 29 December 2011

Roller training

Just a reminder that there is no roller training tonight but we start again next week on the 5th January 2012 with a workshop with Simon Watts, the Talent Development Coach from British Cycling. No bikes required but bring a note book and pen, details of your weekly training/competition schedule and your plans (cycling) for the next year, two years etc. This is suitable for all riders, young or not so your, parent

This is for members (second or first claim) of EBCC. If you haven't joined again this year, please do so before attending the workshop.
Please let me know if you are attending so I have an idea of numbers.

We might, depending on the weather, go for a MTB bike on Saturday 31st. We would be meeting at Thackley Woods, Idle at 11am. If we intend to go, I will post on the Blog tomorrow.

Have a good New year and see you on the 5th.

Next Saturday bike club starts on the 7th January 2012

Sunday, 27 November 2011

2011 Achievements

We have been handing out a form for all our members to complete for 2011. If you have not had a form to fill in could you please drop me an e-mail with your childrens achievements for 2011 - from ditching the stabiliseres to riding at the velodrome.
Please e-mail me a list adding your childs name and age to

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Another Gold For EBCC Rider

Today Joe Parker became the 7th EBCC rider ever to gain the coverted Gold trix Award from the British Schools Cycling Association. To do so, he had to pass 23 skills tests including track stands, bunny hopping a 15cm high obstacle and riding no handed.

Other EBCC riders are currently taking their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards as part of our club challenges. This is run in addition to our road training, skills and racing techniques.

Well Done Joe!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

East bradford CC has a new group on facebook as the old one is being archived.

Check out the new Facebook page as the old one is being archived. Title is East bradford Cycling Club on facebook. Will update with all the latest news and events. There is a link to the group on the right of this page.