Monday, 27 February 2012

Olympic Roller Challenge Sponsor Monies

Can we have any sponsor forms and cash in by Sat 3rd March 2012. You can either hand in on Sat at club with cash or Cheque to EBCC or give to Mandy at Rollers on Thurs or post to Mandy home address. We have to send copies of sponsor forms to BMW who are matching our sponsorship monies.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

BSCA Yorkshire Roller Race

Hi all

Can I firstly say thanks to all who came it was a brilliant day and I hope you all agree. Too many to mention thanks to Mike , Mandy , Joanne , Paul , Chris & Matt from EBCC/KSBC. Loraine (from Farfield Primary) for opening up and keeping everyone fed and watered. Tim & Martin for checking gears, Peter Sutton from British Cycling for helping with timing. Also thanks to Helen Fox, Michelle & Euan Cameron & Mandy for their baking contributions. Sorry to anyone I haven't mentioned all help is greatly appreciated. Results will be posted in due course. Well done everyone !! You should all be very proud of yourselves. Hope to see all at next weeks BSCA Cyclo Cross.

Helen Heads to Hamm

Helen's Hamm Happenings
More can be seem on this at www.seatposts and helen2hamm

I have signed up for the Bradford to Hamm Cycle Ride. This takes place between 10 and 17 June 2012.
I intend to Blog here my training rides and any interesting bits and pieces. The training started in the last week of November, as I had not been to the initial meeting I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for, but I met with quite a few riders at the Jumerah Resturant, an organised get together and fundraising evening. Good to meet fellow riders, some who I had met before and remembered, others I'd met and not remembered their names, sorry! Others with totally new faces and names - well we had a great evening and I instilled some names into my head for future reference. Lots of talks of bikes, equipment and leisure/sport groups - I thought I would be OK!

Sunday 27th November 2011, 9.30am at Guiseley. I had opted for the Leisure group, not the sports group. First training ride- all those cyclists disguised under helmets, buffs and dark glasses- back to square 1 on the name department. (no wonder sport BW uses initials to identify riders). Eventually when we were all gathered we had a "talk" from Mike the leader about group riding and off we set (12 of us) into a strong headwind, past Harry Ramsden's, down through Burley-in-Wharfedale, along the main road, over the Iron Bridge and on past Ilkley towards the Cavendish at Bolton Abbey. Communication was impossible unless you were on someone's wheel, due to the wind. The group was well strung out from the begining, although regrouping did take place at regular intervals. After a short 30 minute break at The Cavendish, refuelled with coffee and scones, we were back on the bikes. We followed the same route back to Guiseley, it's easy to get dropped off the front - I learnt as I messed about with my jacket zips! Catch up can be pretty hard but no real need as Richard does a grand job as "sweeper". There were a few mechanicals but all were eventually sorted, (they can happen to any bike and I've had my share in the past and you feel guilty if other riders are held up but that's group riding for you).
We did meet some of the sport riders, who had not gone with the others to Grassington, on the return leg - will they be with us next time? Will some leisure riders switch to sports? There was some good speedy riding (or so I thought - for me) with the tailwind on the return leg towards the Iron Bridge.

Note to me :- get a lock with no key, get my cycle computer fitted.
A good steady ride of about 30 miles, dry, windy and a bit chilly.

Thursday 1 December
Cycled to meet fellow rider to get some more miles in. A good ride down onto Spen Valley Greenway to the Dewsbury flood defence bridge, return journey is always steadier towards Cleckheaton, rode back home after a good ride.
27 miles, average 11.1mph, riding time 2hrs24mins (can you tell I got the computer on?)

Sunday 4 December- 2nd Official Training Ride - I had given apologies as it was the EBCC family ride. The weather was dreadful driving to Ilkley, anyway it stopped raining -just. There were 8 of us (5 adults and 3 boys) we had a pleasant ride and a more leisurely lunch at The Cavendish, I was looking out for the Leisure group, wondering where I would see them - well I met all 3 of them in the Cavendish! I wore my santa hat and this raised a few smiles along the route from some otherwise glum cyclists!
15 miles, av 10.1, rt 1.24

Sunday 11 December - Well after a week of high winds, snow and hail, Sunday morning didn't look too bad (for December) wet, a bit warmer (relatively) and not a lot of wind. There were 3 of us at Guiseley, Mike was ill but turned up to see us on our way. We headed off on the same route as 2 weeks ago, the main road seemed busy - all the tree buying I think. I led the way at first trying to keep an even pace so we could all stay together, easier said than done. We took turns at leading and chatted along the way and we had a good ride to the Cavendish, negotiating the cattle grids carefully as they have been blamed for some damaged bikes - there are new (I think) signs saying "cyclists dismount" at the cattle grids. There were lots of cyclists out - despite the rain - which wasn't too bad or continuous. After refreshments and a brief dry out and a chat with recumbent Kevin we were on our way back to Guiseley, a good ride with no mechanicals - not even up chain ring hill. A new route next week - let's hope there's a fuller compliment of riders - see you at Pool 9.30.

Note to me:- try different socks to keep feet dry! they weren't cold just wet.
28 miles, average 12.1, riding time 2.16

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Club Olympic Sponsored Roller Challenge

Want to be part of the 'EBCC' Olympic Team. WE want to ride the distance from BWM garage at Sticker Lane to The Olympic Park - a total of 338kms. We are running a sponsored roller event in the showroom - and want all our EBCC kids to come along and have a go. So bring your rollers and bikes with you. Those that can not ride free rollers don't worry we will have boxes for to attach bikes to. WE are using the event as a way of raising funds for the kids development fund. So please ask Mum n Dad to sponsor you and come and help us achieve the distance - every kilometer counts.
The event is on Saturday 11th February 2pm to 5pm and on Sunday 11pm to 4pm. At JCT600 BMW Garage on Sticker Lane in Bradford. As this is an Olympic themed weekend other things are going on at the garage:

  • Jenny Cown Olympic diving hopeful will be present to discuss her Olympic Journey.

  • Team Extreme Childrens Olympic BMX workshop - running for an hour at a time - bikes and equipment provided free of charge.

  • Scalextric Team GB 2012 cycling event

  • FREE Olympic themed gifts bags.

Please come along and take part in this event. If you don't want to ride the rollers come along to support us and sponsor 'Team EBCC'

Monday, 6 February 2012

End of Season Maddison

Congratulations to our EBCC riders who not only braved the snow but represented 5 of the 16 riders.
An excellent result
1st place team Paul Asquith
3rd place team Joe Parker
4th place team Jamie Asquith
5th place team Chris Parker
7th place team Matt Asquith