Monday, 16 April 2012

BMX Session/Tockworth Races

Well done to the few that took part in the session at Peel Park on Saturday.  Hope James wrist is ok.  We can organise a session at Peel Park again - please let me know if you are interested.

Well done to all our EBCC Kids that raced on Saturday.


  1. Is there a website with full results for all Tockwith Circuit Races please.?

    1. The full results for Tockwith will go on the BC website as well as the White Rose Youth league website. It does take a little time to post them on.

  2. Hi I have just had a look on the British Cycling website and there is no results uploaded at the moment. Here is the link to the event The results should be posted in due course .

  3. Joanne thanks very much for organising the session at Peel Park. The boys and Sally really enjoyed it and Laura can't wait to join in the fun at the BMX track. You can put ours down for a future session.

    Hope James is ok too and that everyone who attended enjoyed the session.