Monday, 14 May 2012

Parents Day

What a fantastic day - we had 20 mums n dads  and 52 kids on bikes -
The sun was shining, the pitches were dry and we had some really yummy cakes.
We put the mums and dads through the Bronze Trix skills test - and it was brilliant that they all passed and went away with a certificate.  We ran relay races parents v kids - and the kids won every race (the parents were racing in their granny gears!!!).  Periodically we get the planks of wood out and the majority of kids can ride from one end to the other - it was really funny to see that not many mums and dads could do this.

One of the reasons we ran the event was to raise money towards Mikes 'Olympic' Torch. 
Thank you to everybody who took part, baked cakes, and turned up and helped.  Mikes Total to date is now £155. 
Mike is carrying the torch on Monday 25th June - exact time and location will be announced very soon.

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  1. Well done everyone it sounded like everyone had great fun joining in