Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mike - The Olympic Torch Bearer

What an experience and atmosphere.  Members of club met at Leeds Town Hall on Monday 25th June 2012 early 6ish to see Mike carrier the torch for the first stage o the torch's journey from Leeds to Sheffield on day 38.  The weather was excellent.  Mike was already on the steps having photos, talking to the radio and looking the part.  The Radcliffe's had cycled in to Leeds from Horsforth, some of the kids were in school uniform having got permission to have a couple of hours off school.  Paul had made a banner, as had Rebecca and her sister, Helen had brought an even bigger one that we managed to attach to the railings.  Mikes torch was lit and he was the star attraction with the crowd applauding, then he was off with the gold streamers released at the same time.  There were other club members in the crowd who managed to get some excellent photos and were on EBCC face book page instantly.  After the crowds dispersed the EBCC crowd managed to get some excellent photos - with the Coca-Cola stand - and some added extras and went in search of some breakfast and time to chat before heading back to meet Mike with his distinguished torch.  The Lloyds interviewers were there for a quick chat with Mike and some photos more photos. 

I would like to say thank you to everyone who travelled from a far to Leeds to see Mike - it was an excellent experience and a moment Mike will remember forever.

Mike will be bring the torch to Club on 21st July 2012 where you can have your photo taken with the Torch and get the 'Star's' autograph.  Mike will also be modelling his Jimmy Saville Tracksuit !!!

Mike was mentioned on Look North with a quick glimpse of the kids and also had a mention with his photo in Tues edition of the YEP.  There are (or will be) photos on the forum picture book site. (You must be a member of forum and receive a password to view these)


Photo From Tony Coates

Photo from Tony Coates

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