Monday, 2 July 2012

Skyride Bradford

There were alot of people took part in Bradford Sky Ride. Check out the skyride link page for full report.  Oliver and his family were spotted having lunch.

Events took part at either end of the ride.  EBCC had the roller tent which was very popular oposite BC go ride races.

Mandy commented: - We had over 122 attempts on the day to set the roller records, our busiest ever. Many thanks to all the helpers on the day.

One tiny point - when we asked our EBCC riders to start at the front of the Sky Ride to ride up together - we meant stay together,and not leave behind the younger ones. Apparently it became a bit of a race!

They did make it to the front for a picture - A Rose between 7 thorns !!

  Link will give you a bigger picture

follow BC link for more updates

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  1. We all had a great time. Think the highlights for our kids was the fountains and the wacky bikes. Also for the girls especially it was great to be able to "ride on real" roads!