Sunday, 25 August 2013

BSCA 2013/14 CARDS

As the new school year is due to start  some of your children will move into new age groups.
The age year is dependent on your age at 1st September 2013.

U7 - school years 1,2 (or earlier if not at school)
u9  - school years 3,4
U11 - school years 5,6
U13 - school years 7,8
U15 - school years 9,10
O15 - school years 11

I will be sending a list to BSCA on 14th September to request the cards for 2013/2014.  The list I have will include all children who entered a BSCA event during the year and are current members of EBCC.  There will be a list at club if you can check the details and amend as necessary.  Please check your childs school and date of birth as some will have moved from primary to high school.

If you have not had a card before and would like one please email me with the following details
name, DOB, home address, school, age at 1st September and I will add them to the list.
The membership number is unique to EBCC and if you do not take your card to the race or do not have a card then a day licence fee is payable.


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