Saturday, 30 November 2013

Roller Time Trials 28/11/2013

Roller time trials 28/11/2013

Feedback on these sessions is appreciated please email me 


Paul Asquith 15.30
Jamie Asquith 22.38
Thomas Coates 25.45


Connor Palliser 15.55
Will King 20.28
Joe Parker 20.40
George Fox 20.55
Euan Cameron 20.56

Joe Daniels estimated time (no speedo) 20.55 

Well done everyone.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bolton Abbey Family ride on sunday 1st December

Sunday 1st December 2013 Club Social Ride
from Ilkley or Otley to Bolton Abbey
Meet at Ilkley Lido pool (free car park) to set off at 10.15am prompt to Cavendish – 7 miles away (longer ride from Otley, Dunnis-timed to be at Ilkley at 10.15 – 7 miles Otley to Ilkley)
More details re suitability etc from Helen or Joanne.
Ideal for families with competent riders or tag alongs. Ring Helen 01274 883906 for more details or turn up on the day. Maybe other parent could drive to Bolton Abbey to pick up rider?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Youth Hostel trip to Kettlewell

Re Youth Hostel Trip to Kettlewell, the date is 29 and 30 March 2014 (stay 1 night, Saturday 29.3.14). If you can still go, great, if you can or can't go now, please contact Jim.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Roller comptetition

The times results from Thursday 14th November

10TH OCTOBER 14th november
NAME AGE 250M 500M 1000M 250M 500M 1000M
THOMAS COATES 10 16.552 35.356 1.22.297 18.815 42.137 1.44
JAMIE ASQUITH 10 20.775 45.88 1.38.639 32.355
JOSEPH LEWIS 12 17.052 35.356 1.15.756 15.064 30.846 1.08
AARON WARD 12 18.067 37.632 1.20.00 20.064 39.388 1.45
PAUL ASQUITH 12 18.275 40.632 1.34.349 17.063 37.141 1.34.829
EUAN CAMERON 13 13.566 26.593 1.00.74 13.275 27.349 1.02.954
LUKE O'CONNELL 13 17.817 34.384 1.15.78 17.063 36.141 1.13.202
WILL KING 14 14.023 28.841 1.06.24 13.561 28.09 1.01
JAMES COATES 14 15.032 30.853 1.12.544 14.063 28.597 1.06.206
GEORGE FOX 15 12.802 24.83 .58.463 13.561 27.09 1.00
CONNOR PALLISER 17 11.774 23.093 11.016 21.969 0.48
KEVIN O'CONNELL O21 15.527 30.339

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Morvello 2nd round city cross

On Saturday several members of EBCC entered 2 city cross race.  The venue was Piece Hall in Halifax.  for one day only the site was changed to create a cyclo cross race with a difference. 
with a new race format, manmade obstacles and city location mixed together with the traditional cyclocross party that is beer tents, cowbells and course side party atmosphere.

The course was heavily based on a traditional cyclocross courses, with grass, water and sand but also with concrete and cobbles. Nothing that endangers the riders though. There was also  manmade obstacles in the style of hurdles to jump over, things to bunny hop over and other bits to ride up and down and take multiple lines through.

The riders who battled for the finals got to ride in the floodlit area and around the 2nd floor balconies of Piece Hall - history was made.
 Well done to all who competed
 the Novices Rose and Chris and James, Under 8's Oliver and Harry Fox
the Youths Aaron, Joe, Tom, Will, Luke and George


Thursday, 7 November 2013

MTB Ride 10.11.13

The EBCC mountain Bike ride is this Sunday, 10 November, meet at the car park near Denholme Velvets, turn right at top end of Thornton Road, car park 100m on the left. Ready to ride at 10am. The weather forecast is good. An off road ride round the moor., about 2 hours plus lunch stop at the end. Hopefully a coffee break part way. Any queries contact Helen. See you there!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

EBCC Eastby Brow hill climb 3/11/13

EBCC club hill climb Eastby Brow 3/11/13 


Conor Palliser 1.56
George Fox 1.58
Will King
James Coates 2.13
Matthew Asquith 2.21
Tim Palliser 2.28
Richard Watson 3.33
Paul Asquith 3.43
Ali Mahdi 4.17

Thanks to all who helped organise and run the event. Well done to all who took part.

Euan Cameron is the National Trophy Series Leader

Well done to Euan Cameron who is now wearing the Under 14 National Trophy Cyclo-Cross Series Leaders Jersey after coming an impressive second in the Southampton Cyclo-Cross. An incredible achievement for Euan in the face of the toughest competition in the country.

EBCC Halloween night

Scary Bikes and hard training with a few spills to boot. Just a normal training session at Hepworth and Idle Cricket Club. Training at 7 on rollers and turbo with coffee and cake.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Roller Time Trial results (24/10/13)

Time trials will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month during winter training. Prizes will be awarded in March 2014.

Feedback on these sessions is appreciated please email me


Joseph Lewis      11.47
Paul Asquith       14.41
Jamie Asquith     15.18
Aaron Ward        16.20
Thomas Coates   20.02


Connor Palliser     18.40
Will King               21.08
Joe Parker            21.41
James Coates       21.52
George Fox           21.54
Euan Cameron      23.27

Luke O'connell     estimated time (no speedo)  21.08

Well done everyone!