Wednesday, 15 January 2014

British Cycling Conference - Cycling Award for Young Volunteers

The next British Cycling Conference is at Manchester on Sunday 23rd March. There are courses running for existing young volunteers and also for new ones aged 14-18. There are various workshops etc to attend and lunch is provided. For those not already on the scheme, the workshop will cover basic racemakers modules to broaden knowledge of volunteering roles in cycle sport as well as a course for existing volunteers on how they can take lead roles and help develop their sport as well as their future careers. There are also additional exciting sessions such as the Chimp Model, developed by Dr Steve Peters and quick fire update sessions.

For all new young volunteers, you will be expected by club to complete at least the minimum bronze award which is 12 hours volunteering within 12 months of attending  your course.

Any young volunteers already on the scheme will also be expected to complete a minimum of 12 hours within 12 months of first attending. Can those already on the scheme please make sure your volunteering booklet is fully completed and up to date.

We have several young volunteers already on the scheme and two of them, Caitlin Tromans and Joe Parker have already completed their Platinum awards and have gone on to be selected by BC for additional opportunities. Caitlin is on the BC national  Youth Form and Joe has been on the National Young Officials Academy.There are more opportunities in the pipeline for dedicated volunteers.

You must have renewed your EBCC subscription to be considered.

If interested, please send me your full name, address, e-mail details, and contact phone number and the club will consider your application.

if you are successful in getting a place at the conference, you will be expected to follow our club code of conduct at all times as you are representing club.

Please let me know as soon as possible.


Mandy Parker

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