Sunday, 12 January 2014

Volunteer Roles!

Hi all

We have a few volunteer roles available

Bib washer & mender!

This role is available for 1 - 12 people to take on, what the job entails-

At the end of each month it would be great if the bibs got a freshen up and any running repairs needed (usually just a few of the Velcro fastenings may need sewing back on. The bibs would NEED to be returned the following week.

Can you help by taking on this role? Even for just one month out of the year!

If you are willing to help then please let me (Amelia) know and I can add you to our new Bib washing rota.

Wood work Helper!

Can you spare about half an hour before session starts and the same at the end of session once a month? (the 1st Saturday of each month) to help get the woodwork out and set up and then help put it away. If you can please let me (Amelia) know. All help is much appreciated and helps sessions run smoother.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the help given. KSBC is run by volunteers and we always appreciate new volunteers to join us. 

 Our Young Volunteers are invited to take on one of these roles if they would like to.

Thanks Amelia - Volunteer Coordinator

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