Sunday, 30 March 2014

End of season Roller Time Trial

Here are the results from Thurs eve time trial.
Well done to all who took part.  Those who rode who did not have a speedo were not given an official time.

I would like to thank Jim and Brenda for the refreshments each week and for providing the end of season hot dogs.

Thanks to Mandy for opening up every week and running the roller sessions.

Time trials and roller competitions were new this year for Matt and myself to run.  Any feed back is appreciated and if you have any ideas for what to run later on this year pleas let us know.

Jamie Asquith - 5 miles - 15.53
Aaron Ward - 5 miles - 19.55
George Fox - 10 miles - 18.43
Joe Parker  - 5 miles - 11.14
Will Turner - 10 miles - 18.43
Euan Cameon - 10 miles - 18.43
Luke O'Connell - 10 miles - 19.19
Connor - 10 miles - 18.53 (think connor did more than 10 miles as he forgot to reset his speedo) !!


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