Thursday, 17 April 2014

Euan Wins the First of the National Under 14 Road Series at Hetton in the final Sprint.

Euan on the Podium again at Hetton in the first of what is hoped to be another great season !

Our other riders also did amazingly well with George Fox coming a hard fought 7th in the Youth Nutcracker race at Gandale and Joe Parker 14th. This was an amazing achievement for George as it was a tough field and all the rest of the riders were on expensive  bikes while George rode on the most basic of MT Bikes, incredibly heavy and with limited gears.

Success for our younger riders in the Sweat Monsters event, with 1st Girl for Amber Hull and Olivia Fox, 2nd for Finlay and Jack Ackroyd and 8th place for both Harry Fox and Milo Hull in their respective races.

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